What is landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is a type of insurance available to residential landlords that may insure the building as well as malicious damage to the investment property that might be caused by tenants or rent default.

Is it important to ensure your landlord insurance includes cover for rental default, tenant damage & loss of rent. These are the most common type of claims affecting landlords in Australia. Our landlord insurance policies can help cover the cost of repairs, recoup the unpaid rent by your tenant in the event of a default and can also extend to cover any lost rental income while the property cannot be tenanted.

Australian Landlord Insurance
All our Landlord Insurance policies include cover for:
  • Rental Default & Loss of Rent

  • Malicious, Deliberate & Accidental Damage

  • Flood, Storm, Fire & Damage by other defined events

  • Theft by Tenant & Pet Damage

Cover Explained

Landlord Insurance

Landlord cover (sometimes referred to as Contents cover) includes the rental default, tenant damages, loss of rent & damage to the contents or fixtures & fittings of your property. This cover does not include building cover and is designed for apartments, townhouses & other properties that you are not responsible for insuring the building (E.G when it is insured under a strata policy). We recommend if your property is a standalone house, duplex, block of units or any property that you are responsible for insuring the building that you take out a combined building & landlord insurance policy.

Building Insurance

Building cover includes cover for flood, storm, fire, impact & damage by other defined events as well as accidental & malicious damage to the building component of your property. If your property is a standalone house, duplex, block of units or any property that you are responsible for insuring the building it is strongly advised to have this cover. Your bank may also request a certificate of currency when settling your mortgage with their interest noted. A building insurance claim can also affect areas of your property that would be considered contents, this is why it is always recommended to have your building & landlord insurance with the same insurer.

Combined Building & Landlord Insurance

Combined building & landlord policies are recommended for any standalone house or duplex being rented out to tenants. This policy includes both the covers detailed above together in the same policy providing cover for claims that include both building & contents damage. Cover for loss of rent will also extend if the property cannot be rented due to either tenant/contents damage or building damage.

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Landlord Insurance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my policy cover periodic & continuation of leases?

Yes, both periodic leases and the continuation of a lease are covered under your policy. You must have had a fixed term lease in the past to claim rental default.

Am I covered for damage my tenant's pet cause?

Pet damage is covered on all of our landlord insurance policies however different insurers have different sub limits. Please refer to your policy disclosure statement (PDS) or our policy comparison table for further details.